106. Libra: The downfall of western civilisation?

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We. Are. Here. Today we bring you: David Marcus Makes Senate Plea, SWIFT go Supersonic in Singapore, and Who let the DAWGs out! All this and much more on today's Blockchain Insider.

Simon and Colin are back this week to talk about the latest and greatest news in blockchain!

First up, Simon and Colin discuss David Marcus' Senate plea. Colin explains why his 3 biggest takeaways from Marcus' plea were: surprisingly a lot of people in government do not like Facebook, Libra seems to be at a really early stage, and that Libra setting up in Geneva is potentially a fatal mistake. (1:45)

Next, the pair talk about the DAWG (Digital Asset Working Group) report. They describe how it's really interesting to have a bunch of people who really understand the market look at tokens and say that there's a revenue opportunity, if banks can overcome regulatory uncertainty and find ways to comply. (24:24)

Other stories include:

  • SWIFT sees success with global instant cross-border payments with Singapore’s FAST (31:15)
  • It’s official: Indian Government Wants to Ban Bitcoin (36:56)
  • CFTC Probing Crypto Exchange BitMEX Over Client Trades (38:50)

We also have a great Tweet of the Week from Mr @sytaylor himself explaining why rather than hating Libra, people should be more exited about it! (43:26)

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