105. News: Lemonade Car is here and a record breaking year for insurtech!

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Nigel Walsh and John Bean are joined by an exciting panel of guests from Embroker, e-Zee Insurance Solutions, and SoleSafe to talk through the most exciting Insurtech news of the past week. Hear about: Lemonade taps new revenue stream with car insurance launch, insurance for sneakers is here with SoleSafe, and model who won 'Miss BumBum 2021' gets her winning asset insured for £1.3m. All of this and much much more on today's Insurtech Insider!

Nigel Walsh is joined by new co-host, John Bean, Client Director and Insurance Lead here at 11:FS, as well as a great panel of guests to discuss the most recent and exciting news in the world of Insurtech.

Joining us today are:

  • Ben Jennings, Chief Revenue Officer of Embroker
  • Nikki Daniels, Founder and Chair at e-Zee Insurance Solutions
  • Phil Terrill, CEO and founder of SoleSafe

We cover the following stories:

  • Lemonade taps new revenue stream with car insurance launch, and plans to acquire Metromile 4:42
  • InsurTech investments across the world soar to record-breaking $10bn 19:11
  • Report: Owners’ and Founders’ Approach to Risk Management Not a Match for Today’s Modern Threats 32:54
  • The General Awards $25,000 NAACP Powershift Entrepreneur Grant to SoleSafe - insurance for sneakers! 44:27
  • Notable, which makes RPA-based tools to speed up healthcare admin, raises $100M at a $600M valuation 55:35
  • Amazon-backed insurtech Acko joins unicorn club with $255 million funding 57:25
  • Model Who Won 'Miss BumBum 2021' Gets Her Buttocks Insured For £1.3m 58:55

All that and much more on this week's episode of Insurtech Insider!

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This episode of Insurtech Insider was produced by Irina Andronic and edited by George Sztuka.

Special Guests: Ben Jennings, Nikki Daniels , and Phil Terrill.


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