102. Libra: The banks are sh***ing themselves

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We. Are. Here. Today we bring you: Libra, libra and more libra, Bank of England's Mark Carney positive on DLT and Bitcoin futures. All this and so much more on today's episode.

Colin and Simon are back this week with some brilliant stories for you!

First up, we take a look at libra, libra and even more libra! We discussed it last week, but it really is all crypto twitter is talking about at the moment! Simon and Colin take a look at some of the responses to the announcement, and they start with the Congress wish for Facebook to stop the coin until the Congress can fully understand it! Colin argues that it is massively positive that people are watching and taking notes and that we now have the congress reacting! The only problem is that, according to Colin, it can take years until the Congress fully understands what libra actually is... (01.26)

Next, we talk about what libra means for the world of crypto! Investors put record levels of money into bitcoin futures at regulated exchanges in the United States and Britain last month. Colin argues that bitcoin seems to do better than the other cryptocurrencies at the moment, so maybe that is a sign that if there is an institutional activity going on, is it happening more so in bitcoin than elsewhere? (25:52)

We wrap up this episode by talking about all the all the enterprise announcements! (31:43)

This week, the tweet of the week is somewhat different as we bring you a website of the week instead! (43:24)

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