100. Live: Bitcoin - not just for Lamborghinis!

49min listen

We. Are. Here. We are actually here! We are coming to you live from Level39 in London, to celebrate episode 100 of Blockchain Insider! In this episode, we will be looking back at our 99 previous episodes and we are of course joined by some brilliant guests!

We are turning 100 episodes old! In this live episode, Simon and Colin are joined by a host of brilliant guests to talk about the last 99 episodes and topics including ICOs, STOs, PTKs, Regulation, Bitcoin, Crypto, DLT, Banking, Consortia and much, much more. Our brilliant guests include:

  • Teana Baker-Taylor, Exec Director GDF
  • Peter McCormack, ‘What Bitcoin Did’ Podcast
  • Oliver Harris, Head of Quorum & Crypto-Assets Strategy at J.P. Morgan

This live panel discussion is about 3 topics: Bitcoin & Adoption, Crypto, Regulation & Tokens, and DLT & Banking. To start off, Peter tells us how bitcoin can really be used to change peoples lives! He gives the example of how a woman transferred bitcoin from the UK to her father in law in India to pay for his hospital fees. Bitcoin is not only for buying Lamborghinis!

Next, the panel talk about Crypto, Regulation & Tokens! Back when this podcast started there were many tokens created out of thin air, according to Simon, but then the regulators came... Now, the language has changed and the panel asks, where are we at now?

Last but not least, CLT & Banking. So, is there anything going on in DLT and Banking? Is it dead? Colin argues yes and no. At least there is a lot to talk about in this area!

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This week's episode of Blockchain Insider was produced by Petrit Berisha. Edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guests: Oliver Harris, Peter McCormack, and Teana Baker-Taylor.