10. The Future of Banking

47min listen

10. The Future of Banking

In the conclusion of Season 1 of Under the Hood, Simon and Sankaet are joined by industry giants Anne Boden and Angela Strange as we taking a look into the next 5-10 years and predict what the banking landscape will look like.

In this final journey Under the Hood this season, we are looking ahead and discussing the future of banking.
Simon and Sankaet are joined by some incredible guests:

  • Angela Strange - General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
  • Anne Boden, CEO and Founder, Starling Bank

Our awesome panel really dig deep into the challenges banks have faced previously and will do in the future; the expectations of customers that banking has to meet, now more than ever; what the role of technology will play in the future of banking and what changes are on the horizon.
Most importantly we also discuss the role of banks - will they even still be needed? Will their role completely change, and might every company become a fintech company?

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Special Guests: Angela Strange and Anne Boden.