What have 11:FS Pulse subscribers been viewing in 2021?

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As we emerged from lockdown(s) and started meeting in person, banks, fintechs and FS companies of all shapes and sizes had been busy doubling down on their digital efforts.

Dramatic acceleration in digital adoption has caused C-suites to pour rocket fuel on their existing plans. In a number of cases, there have been huge boardroom shake-ups, often with a view to changing strategy or placing more emphasis on the need to win and retain more customers via digital.

Perfect storm for Pulse

A big sign of this digital acceleration has been the intense interest and usage of our 11:FS Pulse platform. If you don’t already know (where have you been??!), Pulse is a research platform that hosts videos and analysis of real customer experiences across hundreds of banks and fintechs all around the world. Want to keep a close eye on competitors and disruptors? Wonder how you stack up against the market? Looking for inspiration for your next winning customer proposition? Wondered how others have met customer needs and solved their problems? Pulse answers these questions and more.

A big sign of this digital acceleration has been the intense interest and usage of our 11:FS Pulse platform.

2021 has seen influx of new subscribers

This year we have welcomed a wide range of new subscribers. These have been a diverse mix of some of the largest financial institutions on the planet through to startups and everything in between. Our usage statistics have gone through the roof this year, so it begs the question - what have 11:FS Pulse subscribers been looking at?! I’ve been looking through usage analytics to find the answer.

Spoiler alert: challengers remain front of mind!

The three most viewed brands, with similar volumes of individual journey views, are Revolut, Monzo and Starling. With their rapid release cycles, innovative products and fantastic UX, Pulse subscribers continue to closely monitor these trailblazers. But what are some of the lesser known journeys that Pulse customers have been getting great insights from in 2021? Here are five standouts.

The three most viewed brands are Revolut, Monzo and Starling.

Albert’s (USA) Genius feature - improving financial wellbeing with a range of great features

Within Albert's Genius feature, customers are presented with missions and milestones that aim to improve financial wellbeing with human experts on standby to offer guidance. Missions, such as setting up a rainy day fund, are incredibly simple. Users only need to press a button and work their way through nicely designed and informative pages as the app automatically calculates how much to save based on users’ spending habits. The rainy day fund ends with a congratulatory message and added confetti, encouraging them to complete more missions.

Mox (HK) - spending limits, card controls and ‘flipping’

Mox’s latest feature is unique in the world of finance. In just a ‘flip’, users switch between their debit and credit accounts using the same (dual-purpose) card - conveniently reaping the benefits of both. We love the simplicity of this flip and how it’s visually represented. The tick provides confirmation that the switch has occurred. In addition, a push notification appears at the same time further reinforcing the confirmation. On the same screen, users can conveniently access and set their daily limits for merchants and online purchases so that they are in total control of their spending.

Nubank (Brazil) - making payments, transfers and deposits

Nubank, South America’s hottest fintech, offer a comprehensive set of tools to allow customers to set up ‘Pix’, a national payment system in Brazil with a variety of services. Users can make quick payments and transfers, make repayments to their credit card, pay utility bills using a barcode, transfer money and make deposits. The payments and transfer functions make the most out of QR technology and are well-displayed and easily accessible with well-chosen icons to depict each functionality. It's a seamless journey with all the functionalities that users need with good security and excellent navigation design.

Klarna (Sweden) - pay in installments, create a one-time use debit card

Klarna customers can create a one-time debit card that allows them to pay using Klarna on any retailer’s website. This process is clearly shown in four numbered steps. Below it, there’s a link for the customer to learn more about the card. Once the user has entered an amount for their one-time card, they’re shown a timeline of their three interest-free installments as well as financial reassurances and helpful guidelines to create a smooth, hassle-free transaction.

Revolut (UK) - business banking dashboard on desktop

Known for their excellent mobile user experience, it turns out Revolut aren’t half bad at desktop too. Revolut’s dashboard for business account holders is intuitive, clean and easy to navigate. Switching to a different account that holds different currencies simply involves clicking on the balance and choosing one of them. We love the card designs here - with the latest transaction, money in and out highlighted to the customer. Not only do the ‘To Do’ and ‘Suggested for You’ cards pop out visually to users, but they’re also action-orientated items that help users stay on top of their business banking position.

If you’re interested to see how you stack up against your competitors, as well as a range of other services, book a Pulse demo today.

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