Ryan Wareham joins 11:FS

Dhanum Nursigadoo
5min read

Here at 11:FS we’re big on transparency and letting you know what’s going on in our company. We’ve recently made a huge hire to be our COO and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Ryan Wareham has joined 11:FS as Chief Operating Officer and will be leading and managing the team’s operations system during a time of hyper-growth (we’re everywhere!).

Joining 11:FS

I asked Ryan why he wanted to come to 11:FS following his time at R/GA. It turns out that almost no-one has created a workplace where the operations system supports the people while keeping pace with the business’ scaling needs. It may have worked at one time and for quite a while, but it gets pushed aside and usually makes for a negative employee experience. Plus, in Ryan’s words, at 11:FS we have founders who not only talk a good game, but they’ve actually walked the walk. They know the business and they’ve done it before, and the same thing goes for the people the founders hire.
11:FS sets up businesses rather than just delivering projects, that’s unique in the industry. It’s also the first company I’ve come across that does Jobs To Be Done properly - Ryan Wareham, 11:FS COO.
You know that we do things differently to everyone else, and that we care about how our employees experience work at 11:FS. It’s rare to have a greenfield space for building the business of the future and we’re all about creating one that isn’t bogged down by the mistakes and processes of past enterprises that adapted their business but forgot about their people.

Creating a new system

Ryan is creating the OS which will be the beating heart of 11:FS, allowing us to scale to where our aspirations are and ensuring we keep our culture how we want it. He’s managing the team in London to ensure that 11:FS continues to expand, operate and scale at speed while also working across all projects to implement the global business strategy. Balancing the three is no easy task, but we know Ryan’s the right one for the job.
Having worked with Ryan in the past I honestly haven't worked with anyone else who is as relentless about delivery and operational excellence. The work he has done in previous organisations like R/GA set him apart for me in an industry of great people - David M. Brear, 11:FS CEO.
Coming over from R/GA, where he was an executive production director, Ryan worked to define & implement R/GA London business strategy and keep the company ahead of technology curves. Prior to that, he had a string of senior roles, working at Digitas for nine years on projects for Honda, Tesco and Lloyds Banking Group.
I was blown away by the number of people who said Ryan was the best person they had ever worked with or for. As a result, when we were looking for a COO for 11:FS, he was the first candidate we wanted in order to take on the huge task of creating a category-defining operation - David M. Brear.
Ryan isn’t just all about business, either. When I asked him for a weird random fact about his life, he told me about the time he got caught up in a local rebellion in Kyrgyzstan, but he kept calm and managed to get out unscathed. That sort of cool-headed response is just one of the many traits we hired Ryan for. If you want to join the growing team at 11:FS, head on over to our careers page to get in touch.