Leda Writes for Fintech Futures: Running away with the circus

Dr Leda Glyptis 11:FS Foundry CEO
5min read

Every Thursday, Leda Glyptis, 11:FS Chief of Staff creates #LedaWrites. This week she returns to the theme of holding yourself accountable and moving to the Big Top.

Ever been tempted to run away and join the circus?

Not literally.

But a figurative departure from all that holds you hostage, that pins you down, that mutes your melodies and dulls your colours. The temptation to think that what holds you back is situational, can be, at times, so strong. Living and working and delivering and dreaming and growing and dying by numbers and other people’s yardsticks. Surely if you moved away from the situation that imposes all this upon you, it would also stay behind… with the situation…

And what can be more romantic, more radically unconventional than the circus. Monkeys (I. Love. Monkey babies. Don’t say a word) and acrobats, lion tamers and contortionists. Lights and magic and illusion. And each morning a new road.

Don’t tell me you have not been tempted.

Have the analogies gone too far?

Ok. Try this one for size.

The things you want to run away from bug us all. And by thinking that they are not yours to fix you allow them to carry on. And by feeling innocent of their existence you become guilty of their perpetuation. And when you ran away to the sanctioned fintech circus you found that, actually, change is hard and it takes two things. Will and effort.

In your desire to join the circus, in your dreams of leaving, you have the will alright. Now make the effort. These are your monkeys. With enough effort, courage and accountability this can become your circus.

And when people start running away to join you, you know it’s working.

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