Why You Should Intern at 11:FS Tom’s Journey

Dhanum Nursigadoo
5min read

Tom Shaw has excelled through the 11:FS internship programme. Starting as a Growth Intern at 11:FS he’s helped us immensely . That’s just part of what we offer our interns and that’s what it means to be at 11:FS. He’s using analytics to aid in choosing which products we offer our clients, project managing the website redesign, and even ran Tough Mudder as part of the 11:FS team. We offer real responsibility.

Why Did You Want to Intern at 11:FS?

At the end of 2017, I finished an 8-month internship at an investment bank which focused on the tech sector. I was looking for another opportunity that would expand my experience within technology. I was most interested in Fintech, specifically the challenger bank space.

I wanted to continue working at a client-focused company because it’s the best way to get a broader insight into an industry, and 11:FS stood out to me as the most compelling consultancy in Fintech, especially with heavy hitters like David and Jason leading the team.

What Was the Interview Process Like?

The application process was short and relaxed, a quick video call with the CEO and then a drink in the office. It was refreshing to have such a straightforward process rather than spending months jumping through a million application stages. Instead of focusing on all my academics they were much more interested in who I am as a person. It was then that I knew 11:FS cares more about finding the right person than anything else.

What Do You Do Now?

My day-to-day tasks vary a lot. At the moment, I’m free to pursue what I think is right to grow the company’s presence. I’ve mostly spent my time here building analytics for our different products so that we can get a better understanding of our users, and test growth experiments.

I’ve also been project managing the redesign of our website which is cool because I’ve been working with the CEO, stakeholders across the business, and the developers building the site. My biggest achievement to date is definitely building a cloud-based URL shortener and social media tracker, which has meant getting those links pushed out across our channels, and then watching really rich engagement data pour in.

Any Advice for Applicants?

You really need copious amounts of initiative in this role. There’s nobody to hold your hand and tell you what to do, so you really need to trust yourself.

The culture at 11:FS is great. The attitude is really casual and relaxed but they still annihilate the competition in everything that they do.

Check out the impact Tom has had on our social presence on Twitter @11FSTeam and by looking around the blog.