Why You Should Intern at 11:FS - Petrit's Journey

Dhanum Nursigadoo
5min read

Petrit Berisha is one of the many success stories coming out of the 11:FS internship programme. Now an Assistant Producer working across all 11:FS media output, Petrit began as a humble intern. Petrit learned from all aspects of business that 11:FS has to offer before finding a home in the Media team. He managed to thrive under the pressure of multiple challenges and rose to the occasion time and again. That’s just part of what we offer our interns and that’s what it means to be at 11:FS.

Why did you want to intern at 11:FS?

I was looking for some part time social media management roles so that I could still carry on consistently producing content for my Youtube channel and Podcast. However a friend of mine sent me the job description, saying “This was written for you Pet”. So I applied. I didn't know if I wanted a full time role or to intern, but as the interview neared and after listening to the podcasts, I realised that I actually really wanted to be part of 11:FS.

Uncertain where I wanted to go career wise, I thought an internship would help me figure things out. I could float around the company, trying to find a home where I fit best. I challenged myself as well, by managing to produce my own content and working 9-5, I knew I’d become efficient.

What was the interview process like?

The initial hangout interview with David was great. We talked about my degree for maybe 10 seconds. It was the first interview I’d been in where the person on the other end pretty much said “Tell me your story.” That and not digging into my academics was when I realised this wasn’t your traditional company. I mean I even wore a suit while he was in an 11:FS hoodie. But I really enjoyed it, we talked about my channel and podcast, my role as a karate instructor and we even talked about basketball.

What do you do now?

Now, my day-to-day is helping produce the podcasts. Everything from booking guests, helping to write shownotes and record shows. I think at a large company the focus is to pigeonhole you into a role, your path is set. At a rapidly expanding startup you’re surrounded by people who can help you improve across the board. You’re learning from people who have achieved great things, not just someone who’s fresh out of a Graduate Scheme.

Any advice for applicants?

For anyone looking to intern, you need to be flexible. You can’t pin yourself to any given role, you need to be malleable. Be a sponge and play-doh at the same time, Startups aren’t rigid and your role at one isn’t going to be either, so why would you be? Building relationships is also key. You only really start to flourish when you start meeting like-minded people who think the same was as you, so open yourself up and make that as likely to happen as possible. One thing I learnt really quickly is how to be efficient, you learn how to learn, and by doing so you can maximise your output whilst minimising time spent.

Check out the work Petrit has helped produce for us on Fintech Insider here as well as Blockchain Insider here and Insurtech Insider here. Petrit has worked on the podcasts since January and recently accepted a full-time position at 11:FS.