First UK high street bank to jump into the world of mobile savings goals. - 11FS

Meaghan Johnson
5min read
So let’s dissect the new feature from Nationwide.
  • Findability: While we received a nice prompt upon logging in at the new feature, there is no link to access the goals in the nested navigation or landing page. Perhaps if Nationwide roles out additional PFM features they will look to add a dedicated link in the nav. However, on the dedicated savings account page, there is a clear indication this is a new feature.
  • Intuition: Initially I jumped straight into the savings goal. The first page prompts us to set a goal amount. My first thought was to pick an amount I want to save - £500 isn’t a bad amount so I typed in that amount. When I tried to progress I received an error message to enter a valid amount. Eventually with a little help, I found out what the goal is actual the total account balance you wish to have at a certain point in time. Ah ha! The rest of the set up was straightforward, indicating the date and receiving an instant breakdown of how much I need to save on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Personalisation: Customers can add a picture to the savings goal, however it is from a list of pre-set pictures. Most savings goal features allow customers to put a custom image. However, these images are pretty soothing (as you can see below!) so it’s not the end of the world
  • Management: Once the savings goal is set up customers’ can top up their goal, which is essentially an inter-account transfer, can change and remove their goal.
  • Presentation: When a goal is set up, a progress bar shows on the landing page under the associated account with a nice overview and breakdown via the same dedicated goals tab on the page.
  • Stickiness: Personally, this goal I set up sticks with me. I have seriously considering how I can save my suggested £10 a day to meet my goal, and the ability to quickly transfer money from my Current account to Savings account via Impulse Savings is a handy feature.