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As 2017 draws to a close we take a look back at our most popular blog posts from the last year written by our team or guest authors. Maybe we should have done 11…

Bitcoin bubble tulipsShould I buy cryptocurrency? What's going on here? Is it a bubble? - Simon Taylor

Back in June Simon took a look into the crazy world of cryptocurrency as the price of bitcoin was on the rise and everyone wanted answers to the questions: is this a bubble? What is going on? Should I invest?. Fast forward six months and the post is even more relevant than ever as bitcoin continues its stratospheric rise, with other alt coins such as Ethereum hot on its heels.
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11 Banks and Fintechs doing APIs better than you

In February, in the wake of the CMA announcing the open banking reform hotly anticipated in Q1 next year, Sarah Mikutel takes a look at the best APIs (at the time) from banks, in readiness for open banking, including BBVA, HSBC's Developer Portal, Tranferwise, Fidor and Zopa.
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Leading Agile at Scale - Richard Davies

In a guest post, former Head of Digital at HSBC, Richard Davies outlines the importance of scaling agile to all functions of an organisation and to get all teams to embrace it. In this post he takes a look beyond the hype surrounding agile as "the" way to do innovation and product development and gives some recommendations about how to do it well, at scale.
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Open Source: Token Best Practice - Simon Taylor

In this article Simon gives his recommendations for how regulators and governments could embrace the crypto asset and token sale space and put in safe and secure regulations to properly manage the space and make it beneficial to the economy.
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Top 11 Mobile Banking Features your customers will love - Benedict Shegog

The Pulse and Research Team list out the best mobile banking features in the industry, giving an overview of the each journey and even previewing a couple of them so you can see some of the best customer experiences even from behind secure logins.
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2018 looks set to be a bumper year for both 11:FS and fintech and banking. Stay tuned for more insights and thought leadership from the team and friends! To listen to our insights, subscribe to our podcast Fintech Insider to stay up to date with all the latest trends, topics and news in the fintech and banking industry.
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