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Last week as part of the 11:FS values launch, I discussed why passion, positivity and authenticity are crucial to everything we do. If you missed it, take a look at it here.

This week, I’ll discuss our fourth and final value, something that 11:FS brings to the financial services industry everyday by nature of our mission and existence. Value four – Impact: we punch above our weight.

There’s a reason this value comes last on our list. Impact is very much dependent on the inclusion of all of our values and attributes up to this point. To deliver our best work we have to work as a team, be clear in our communication and approach each situation with attitude.

When recruiting at 11:FS, we tend to bring people into the company who were previously being held back in their roles, contained by the inability to move quickly and by closed-minded, change inhibitors. We support and develop freedom of creativity by giving our people a runway to launch and the space to flex their authenticity and intelligence. When our collective intelligence and creativity come together, that’s when we as a team achieve great things.

Whatever we’re working on, we always show our working out as we believe that how we get there is just as important as what we deliver. And once we have delivered, we tear it up again with enthusiasm.

Together we can achieve anything

As a team we have skills and experience that allow us to make the complex simple and the simple automated. Together we ride the wave of small team sport, unafraid to take on companies much bigger than we are. We do this by being true to our values and embracing our role as the underdog.

We know we are the challenger, and we use this to our narrative advantage. We ask questions, pick things apart and find a better way based on our expert knowledge and shared experiences.

There’s always a better way. Everything can be dialled up to 11

As challengers we are restless and aren’t afraid to act on our restlessness. The industry is changing at a rapid pace and so are we as a company. Uprooting fixed ways of working in order to keep pushing forward, both in what we do and how we do it, is our sweet spot.

We continue to recognise that something that might have worked at some point could very easily be redundant down the line or in a different scenario, and we make smart decisions quickly to navigate a better way.

There’s always a better way. Everything can be dialled up to 11.

Methodologies don’t make decisions – we do

At 11:FS we come together to create our own way, authentically, in whatever we do. We refuse to follow processes that were set out by someone else, for someone else and have inevitably just become buzz terminology. Instead we spend our time curating, making things that are bespoke to us based on what our people need both internally, and for our customers externally.

We don’t go all out spending all the money and taking all the time for something to be launched and disliked. We start small and evolve constantly. For us it isn’t about having a finished thing at 100% before it’s rolled out. We are scrappy by design and know that as long as our focus is always on releasing an MLP, we can be iterating at pace based on real-time and inclusive feedback.

If we continue to look for improvement everywhere then we will always be ahead of our competitors

Unlike our competitors we are not content, indecisive or prone to procrastination. We move at pace because we are not wedded to the fact that this game has an ending. We can and do beat others to things because we remain fluid. Everyone takes accountability for quality and delivery.

You’ve heard me saying digital banking is just 1% finished a hundred times before, but it’s not just digital banking that’s 1% finished. It’s our onboarding, it's the podcasts, it’s our customers’ problems and our approach to projects. If we continue to look for improvement everywhere then we will always be ahead of our competitors. We will always keep things fresh and catch problems before they surface and bite us in the butt.

If we do internal retros and workshops on a regular basis and keep the feedback loop open at all times, then we will always protect our people and our culture, maintaining the quality of work we produce.

Value 4: Impact: We punch above our weight

Impact can come in many forms and for us it isn’t just the big things that people see.

We characterise impact through these three attributes:


We accurately assess situations. We use insight and expertise to consistently make the right decisions, deliver measurable business value and create an advantage for 11:FS.


We are obsessively driven to deliver the best results for 11:FS and its customers. We take accountability for quality and velocity. We think strategy and tactics.


We are pioneering, continually looking to move 11:FS toward excellence in what we do and what we could do. We take the initiative, our bias is to action with impact. We are not afraid to fail but we learn from and own those failures.

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