11:FS turns three

Dhanum Nursigadoo
5min read

In no time at all, we’ve managed to reach our third birthday. It feels like we were only celebrating our second birthday yesterday, but we’ve been moving so fast we’ve barely been able to keep up. So, what have we been doing all this time?

Non-stop growth

Three years of rapid expansion and growing out of more than a few offices we’re still going strong and we’ll be too big for our current office soon! For a long time, we’ve been the ‘podcast people’ and those people who dress better than any fintech ever dreamed (buy our swag).

But that all changed over the past year. We’ve grown up, although not in a boring way, we’re not a normal company after all.

You’ve always known that we could talk the talk. After all, that’s why so many of you have been on our business chart-topping podcast Fintech Insider.

Our new website went live in January to show off how minty fresh we are. We’re growing up at 11:FS, it feels weird to say but it’s true. But we’re not losing who we are or why we’re doing what we do. It just means that now we have a blue tick on Twitter.

And we’ve done some pretty cool stuff too.

The last year let us publicly show you that we can walk the walk with the release of Mettle. We built a banking product in record time with RBS to solve the jobs to be done of sole traders and freelancers.

We’ve doubled in size over the past year so be sure to look out for even more projects coming from us soon. We’ve gone global in a very real way in the past year and partnered with DNB to create 11:FS Foundry, developing a cloud-based and truly modular approach to banking, something no-one else is doing the way we are.

But those aren’t the only things we’ve helped to launch. The Fintech League had its debut and it’s the most intense after-work seven-a-side football tournament we’ve ever seen.

Older and wiser

Part of our growth and growing up means evolving and keeping things fresh. After all - On purpose, with purpose. It was with a heavy heart that we closed the FIN community. Our online community was immeasurably useful at the start of our journey and taught us so much. And we’re so thankful to everyone who used it and helped us develop and as we explained, we took what we learned and applied it in new ways

All of that was part of an ongoing effort at 11:FS to be better than we were the day before. And while it pays off every day, last month we were awarded Best Consultancy by the Smart Money People at the British Banking Awards.

Awards are great, but we’re not going to rest on our laurels. Our past successes are a great indicator of where we’ve been, but it’s what’s going to happen in the future that pushes us forwards. And so much is going to happen in 2019. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Until then, we’re 11:FS, we turned three years old today, we’re not normal and it shows in everything that we do.