11:FC vs Yieldify: The Battle for Aldgate Tower

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Under Friday night lights and in appalling conditions of driving wind and rain, the mighty 11:FC overcame all odds to bring home a 2-1 victory over office neighbours, Yieldify FC.

Players, coaching staff and spectators alike braved horrendous conditions on Friday night in Bermondsey as 11:FC took on office rivals Yieldify FC in the Battle of Aldgate Tower, to assume supremacy of 5th floor.

There were hurdles to overcome from even before the first whistle as 11:FC turned up with a reduced squad after some dropouts, the pitch surface was less than desirable and the weather straight-up disgusting. However 11:FC brought the attack early on with a couple of shots on goal causing the Yieldify keeper to make what we must admit was a great save within the first 5 minutes following a great attempt by KB7.

Disappointingly, the first blood went to Yieldify in the first half of the game. Thoughts of previous losses must’ve been running through the team’s minds at this point, but they kept their heads up and their will strong and very soon, MB8 had given 11:FC the equaliser in the dying minutes of the first half, cementing his place as 11:FC’s lead goal scorer to date.

Some changes were made to the formation at half time, which seemed to make all the difference, 11:FC’s attacking presence was strong and their defence tighter. Some dodgy reffing decisions aside, two unnecessary brawls with a bit of friendly pushing and shoving, and despite some injuries to key defenders in the second half, the defence put in some fantastic sliding tackles and with great feet, timing and anticipation from the keeper, the team did all they could to keep Yieldify from retaking the lead.

JT9, PB10 and KB7 worked well up front, cutting deftly through the Yieldify defences like knives through butter again and again until KB7 put away the winning goal to give 11:FC the 2:1 win.

Amazing celebrations at the final whistle as subs, board members and fans alike stormed the pitch to congratulate and celebrate with the players, as the rain continued to pour, and the champagne soon followed.

Player-manager Jim Morrison had this to say after the game:

So proud of everyone who pulled on the jersey tonight. We needed that win and they all delivered. What was most pleasing was the way we adapted our game to the conditions when the opposition were unable to, football is a fickle mistress and sometimes you can't play exactly the sort of game you want to, but we have shown today we can rise to the challenge, and we got the result to reflect that.

Goooooallllll!!! @karimb89 gives 11:FC the lead. Manager @Le_JimMorrison celebrates in style pic.twitter.com/qOgHgd9OWI

— 11:FC Sportsball (@11Sportsball) November 9, 2018

Vice Captain and Senior Board Member Anthony Marion gave us this comment:

I guess the feeling that first comes to mind is pride. Watching that team come together last night in rainy and windy conditions, on arguably the worst surface in London was indescribable. Hard to single out any player, but when I look at KB7 performance and that 2nd goal it’s hard not to. Don’t even get me started on that wonder of a pass from JT9, or that PMG4 sliding tackle in the box 5 minutes from the end to keep the lead intact.

Don’t get me wrong Yieldify FC led by their valiant captain Clara R.B put in a decent performance but when you show up with players like MB8, TH2 and captain PB10 on the pitch, not much can happen to you. That win was never in doubt even at 1-0 down against the run of play.

My yellow card? *giggles* the gaffer made us work on time wasting in training this week, it’s part of the modern game, I don’t regret it. #KingsofAldgateTower

Captain PB10 himself Petrit Berisha, fresh from his return from LA Galaxy, made this statement to the press:

“From a personal standpoint, transitioning from a foreign league is never easy- and the going got tough. I think I showcased about 30% of my ability on the night but it was still enough to cause some problems from the opposition. The only way is up from here.

As a team, in the first half we started well but tired. In the second, there was really only one winner. Our opposition were unable to maintain composure due to our excellent passages of play. I heard a few fans say things such as “they’ve lost their heads” and “they’ve been rattled”. We also had to overcome another obstacle- shambolic refereeing. Time and time again fouls, and dangerous ones at that were not penalised. Lack of advantages, dodgy corners & foul throws......we had the lot, to summarise: a 0.5/10 performance from him. Even with all that, we managed to come out on top in treacherous conditions. What a win. The boys played their hearts out, PMG4 with a goal saving challenge, PMA with a heroic performance in goal, and KB7.....well *Ross Guh growl* if you give him chances like that he will gobble them up all day. Another special mention to MMT for a great second half out of position at RB."

A comment from Tunde, Fifa19 ‘meet PB10’ competition winner- who was on the sidelines for a PB10 nutmeg:

“Bro. It meant the world to me.

Tear jerking moments at the San Siro last night.”

It’s clear that he won’t be forgetting that evening, any time soon.

And neither will we.

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