11 Best social posts from After Dark VI

Amber Winston
5min read

We had a great time at After Dark VI, the episode went out last week, and had a massive turn out in both Atlanta and London. And we know you did too! Fintech fans were out on Twitter in force to shout out how much they loved it (especially the emoji wall and rant bucket).

Our social media marketing interns gathered together the best ones they could find to share the After Dark VI love.

We we're so lucky to have @rmathur_97 join us for #AfterDarkVI! He was so involved and eager to learn! When he found out that we had sold out for our show, he DM'd just to let us know of his woes - so of course we invited him to come personally and we were glad he put in the hard work to get here!
Adopting? More like embracing! We were glad to have @tilly.manners supporting @fintechinsder event

The coolest night in Fintech 😎 catch the podcast at #11FS

A post shared by Pia (@your_pia) on Jul 27, 2018 at 4:42am PDT

Great view from @your_pia's seat! taking a action shot of the event was a great idea and we loved their enthusiasm at the event!
David had an awesome time too! All of our host love doing our live events to get a chance to meet all our insightful guests like @loci_pay.

#tag4tee #11fsteam #afterdarkvi

A post shared by Jake (@jake.garbutt) on Jul 26, 2018 at 10:24am PDT

The t-shirts were in as high a demand as ever. A long time fan of the podcast, @Alipaterson came ready with appropriate clothing for the event and a killer reveal to go with it. Plenty of our incumbent fans came out to see the show. The heatwave was at its peak, with the central line above 35 degrees, yet people still made the effort to come. Couldn't have been more proud (we're also totally a Nirvana company). We loved seeing how inventive people were with their #tag4tee posts. We got plenty of shit done that night. We’re ecstatic with the audience love given it was 11:FS first trip into Atlanta. We were worried about how we were gonna be received but the audience ended up being amazing. Great to have Howard Bush at the recording, clearly we weren’t the only ones happy to see him though. Not sure whether he ‘totally slayed London’ but we welcome a bit of transatlantic rivalry. We had an amazing time at After Dark VI. For even more After Dark goodness click here, don’t miss out on the best fintech night there is.