178. News: Always look on the bright side...

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178. News: Always look on the bright side...

In this week's episode, Jason, Simon and David are joined by 11:FS Research team's Ross Gallagher, Capco's Charlie Wood and Fluidly CEO Caroline Plumb.

In today's show the team take on: whether Brexit really is more of an opportunity than a threat to fintech, as the MP involved seems to believe, your weekly dose of Open Banking insight, plus special mention of Credit Ladder's new use case for open banking, and the stepping down of Anthony Thomson, Chairman of Atom Bank.

They also discuss the Gaurdian's story that 7 in 10 UK workers are “chronically broke”, and why that could be and are people just missing opportunities to save? Opinions are divided on this highly contested topic. Meanwhile in the US millennials are seemingly more financially secure that we thought. Simon takes on Robinhood's cryptotrading and its appeal to the millennial market, could it be using crypto as a way of luring users into their app to make other more traditional trades and investments?

We speak also speak to PensionBee CEO Romi Savova about HER open letter to Aegon, accusing them of bullying and preventing users from transitioning out of Aegon into PensionBee.

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Special Guests: Caroline Plumb, Charlie Wood, Romi Savova, and Ross Gallagher.