Ep. 131. Interview: Stephen Barclay, MP

15min listen

Jason Bates interviews Stephen Barclay, MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, at the Treasury.

In this episode:

Jason asks Stephen about his financial services and legal background, how that adds to his current role, and what the Treasury do.

He also asks him what his views are on fintech in general and UK fintech in particular, and what it means to the man on the street to enable them with their financial management and give them better services. He also highlights how fintech is changing the reputation of banking for the better.

He also discusses the government's role in assisting and enabling the industry, and the uncertainty around Brexit for the industry, especially around attracting and hiring talent outside of the UK, and finally they discuss what fintechs can do for the government, and vice versa.

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Special Guest: Stephen Barclay.