111. Insights: Money20/20 Europe, Part 2

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111. Insights: Money20/20 Europe, Part 2

In this episode: We bring you the second roundup of  highlights from Money20/20 Europe in Copenhagen. We caught up with some […]

In this episode:

We bring you the second roundup of highlights from Money20/20 Europe in Copenhagen.

We caught up with some fascinating guests, speakers and interviewees; starting with the founder of Moola and ITV’s resident Money Expert, Gemma Godfrey, who chatted to Simon about Moola – the online investment services she founded to help people invest their money easily and intuitively, and her time as an adviser to Arnold Schwarzernegger on The Celebrity Apprentice USA. Jason then catches up with Marko and Nigel from Solaris who give us an exclusive announcement of their new partnership; followed by Jaidev Janardana, the CEO of Zopa who discusses Zopa’s expansion from P2P lending to marketplace lending, and the company’s overall evolution since its launch in 2005.

Jason also speaks to Jack Harris of Wirecard, a German-based company who collaborate with start ups and fintechs to empower them using Wirecard’s own banking licence; Jack tells Jason about their plans for future development and their global aspirations. Next up, Simon chats to Amy Neal from Mastercard about their engagement with startups and the 6 new startups they’ve just partnered with, including Tonetag who are introducing sound-based contactless payments. Finally, Meaghan interviews Pranay Jain, CEO of Enterprise Bot who are revolutionising customer service using AI to humanise response systems.


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Special Guests: Amy Neale, Gemma Godfrey, Jack Harris, Jaidev Janardana, Marko Wenthin, and Pranay Jain.